The Thames Valley Angling Association was created in 1997 to secure the fishing rights on rivers and lakes where clubs could no longer afford them and were in danger of losing them completely. The fisheries are then available to all anglers of our affiliated clubs. Membership of the TVAA is only available to anglers via affiliated clubs. We do not have any individual members.

Originally the TVAA activities were to be restricted to an area a few miles each side of the River Thames between Henley-on-Thames downstream to Staines-upon-Thames, but now extends upstream as far as Oxford and downstream to include significant lengths of the Wey Navigation. See the fisheries section for details of waters we offer to our member clubs.

Clubs are invited to join the TVAA to share in our success, it must be stressed that clubs joining the TVAA DO NOT need to surrender the fishing rights to their own waters. The cost of joining the TVAA is based on a small fixed fee for the club to join plus a fee per member. Please contact us for more details and current fees. Day tickets are available on some of our waters and are available from local shops and fishing tackle dealers.

The TVAA also carries out a range of river restoration projects not all of which are on waters we control. We have been fortunate in the past to work closely with Thames Water and the Environment Agency to secure funding for various projects. This is achieved under our sub-group name, the Middle Thames Fisheries Conservation Partnership.

Under this sub-group we have cleared a small weir channel at Sandford, Oxon., that was blocked with fallen trees and installed four platforms for the benefit of anglers. We also had an eel pass installed on Marlow weir to assist in the migration of this fish that is now red-listed as an endangered species. The TVAA are also an active partner in the improvement of the Roundmoor and Boveney streams, which are our fisheries, but are also an important spawning ground for the River Thames.

Recently, we have cleared a backwater in Marlow’s Higginson Park that acts as a fish refuge during winter floods. We are also currently engaged in the improvement of the Bisham Stream that acts as a good spawning habitat for dace, chub, barbel and brown trout.
We have a very close working association with the Environment Agency Fisheries department who help us enormously with our work in caring for and managing our waters and the environment surrounding them.

If your club is interested in joining the TVAA telephone us on 0843 512 1066 or email us using the contact form and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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